At Custom Men, we understand the frustration you, a customer, might face  while shopping for mens's clothing that actually fits: 

  • When it comes to dress shirts, if the neck fits - the sleeve might be too long or too short.
  • If you do find the proper neck/sleeve length - the body of the shirt might need lot of work.
  • When it comes to Suits, off the rack jackets might be either too long/too short or too boxy.
  • Pants may fit your waist, but might be too baggy or un hemmed at the bottom.

Why buy from Custom Men?

  • The issues mentioned above require a professional tailor to perform surgery on your brand new clothing. 
  • Decent/good quality suits/shirts are not inexpensive and the tailoring bill adds another 20%-30% to its ticket price. 
  • So why not get them custom made at the first place and avoid all the hassle, save time & thereby save money!

 To assure you enjoy the best possible experience when shopping for men's custom clothing, we offer free tailoring for 1 year on all custom jackets & pants (not shirts).


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