Made to Measure Suits NYC – 6 Tips for Making the Right Choice

Made to measure suits are designed according to your exact measurements to ensure they fit you perfectly. If you want to wear something that makes a lasting impression, then wearing one of the best made to measure suits NYC has to offer is a great idea.

Here are some tips to help you find the right made to measure suit for your next event.

Have a Clear Mind

Having an idea of what kind of made to measure suits you want will help you shop better. You should know which type of suit design, color, and pattern looks good for the specific occasion you will attend. If you are buying a suit for an interview, make sure it looks professional and not fancy. In contrast, if you are buying it for a wedding, it should look attractive and more fashionable.  

Buy Something Versatile and Adaptable

You will have many made to measure suit designs to choose from. This may confuse you and make it challenging for you to choose one. If you are buying made to measure suits in NYC for the first time, it is better to select standard colors. It will make your suit more versatile and adjustable. You will be able to wear it on different occasions.

Keep a Balance Between Comfort and Appearance

Selecting a suit that flatters your build is a good idea, but make sure you do not forget comfort and put all your focus on the appearance. The suit should not restrict your movement. Instead, it should give you enough room to move comfortably. When you feel comfortable, you will feel more confident, which eventually makes you look better in whatever you wear.

Choose the Right Fabric

Make sure you consider the weather when selecting the fabric type for your made to measure suits. No one wants to feel suffocated in summer by wearing an insulated wool suit. So, choose a lightweight material like linen, or silk, if you are planning to wear this suit in the summer. Select something warm like wool, or tweed if the suit is for a winter occasion.

Go Classic

Shorter pants and tighter suits are the latest trends. But you do not necessarily have to follow these trends if you want to wear your suit for the next 5 or 10 years. Select standard colors like blue and grey, and select suit styles that men have been wearing for years, and they still look stylish. You do not want to regret buying a suit that looks trendy now, but will look out of fashion next year.  

Avoid Frequent Dry Cleaning

When you dry clean your suit frequently, let’s say once a month, your suit’s fabric starts looking deteriorated and worn out. Frequent dry cleaning reduces the lifespan of a made to measure suit. Normally, you should get your suit dry cleaned once a season or only after a spill. It will keep the suit looking fresh and new.

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