What is Bespoke?

Back in the days, when technology did not play a big role in the custom tailoring industry, every tailor had bolts of suiting fabrics in his tailor shop. If some client, let’s say..Mr. Smith went to his tailor and picked out a ‘Cobalt Blue sharkskin suit fabric’, the tailor would mark that bolt of fabric as “Bespoken for Mr. Smith” so he doesn’t sell the same fabric to any other customer. Mr. Smith would then go through his fittings, with the peace of mind that his suit has been spoken for and the tailor would handmake his suit.

Our skilled bespoke tailors still follow this traditional method of hand-making fully canvassed bespoke suits. The best fabrics, however, now come in swatch books instead of huge bolts. Slowly but steadily, Custom Men has emerged as one of the leading men’s bespoke tailors in North America. Our name is synonymous with the best quality Bespoke suits. Our vast clientele, spread throughout the world, bears testimony to the excellent quality of our Bespoke tailors.

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Details we incorporate in our Bespoke Jackets by default:

  • All our jackets are fully lined.
  • The jacket’s Lapels are hand-stitched rather than fused.
  • A Flower stem holder made with strong thread is sewn on the underside of the lapel.
  • We ensure that stripes or other patterns are matched at the lapels.
  • At the armpit, on the inside of the jacket, we provide sweatbands for underarm durability and protection from wear and tear.
  • Working buttonholes on sleeves are offered at no extra cost.
  • Inside pockets such as Cell phone pockets, pen pockets, and Business cards, and even customized pockets to hold a book or tablet.
  • Free personalization such as initials or Names embroidered inside the jacket.
  • 3-layer construction: The “floating” canvas made from camel hair provides the foundation for a jacket’s drape and influences how the lapel rolls.
  • Hand-stitched to the outer layer of the jacket, the canvas drapes naturally eventually to your body shape creating ‘fit’.

Details we incorporate in our Pants by default:

*A special belt buckle tab under the waistband that prevents the pants to sag.

*Our belt loops are secured from within the waistband. This provides for a better and lasting finish.

*Latex inner waistband grippers to keep shirts neatly tucked in.

*An extended waistband with a button. This ensures a better fit and adds to the pants’ durability.

*At the heel – the inside is reinforced with a band of cloth (of the same material as the pants). These heel guards help in preventing wear and tear at the bottom of the pants and come embroidered with your name – This unique feature is a signature of Custom Men.

*Inside the crotch we provide an additional reinforced panel to prevent wear and tear around thighs and crotch area.

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Our vast clientele, spread throughout the world, bears testimony to the excellent quality of our Bespoke tailors.