Best Custom Suits NYC – Which Suits are in Style for 2022?

Suits come in different styles and can be worn on a variety of occasions which makes them a must-have item for every man’s wardrobe. However, they have evolved a lot over the years. If you are looking for the latest best custom suits NYC has to offer, here are a few ideas…

Try an Oversized Suit

Most tailors go after perfect balance and proportion when designing suits. Though there is nothing wrong with that, fashion simply likes messing up with common ideas and creating something different every now and then.

You should try oversized suits that will give you a traditional, yet unique look. Get the best custom suits NYC can produce that are double-breasted, reach mid-thigh in length, and have oversized shoulders.

Mix and Match Different Elements of Suits

Wearing separates and creating your own suit theme is a great way of showing your fashion sense and creativity. Wear a jacket with pants such that their colors do not match, but they still look good with each other.

This can be tricky and requires a good fashion sense. You can wear a darker jacket with a variety of pants. Add other accessories as well to create a complete look.

Go for a Broader Suit

Suit trends change with time. Men have been wearing tighter fitting suits for years, but this trend does not seem to be changing. Custom suits that are broader across the shoulder and have loose pants are now again gaining popularity among fashion-conscious men in NYC.

Consider Pastel Colors

Dark colors like grey, blue, and black are quite common among men. However, this trend is now changing. Gone are the days when men would hesitate to wear colours like pink, pale orange and other light tones. The use of pastel colors in men’s garments is increasing, and is a trend to look out for in 2022.

You could wear pastel-coloured suits in a creative, yet stylish way. For instance, wear a pastel-colored jacket with a shirt and pants of the same, but darker tone.

Explore Different Patterns

Patterns like checks, houndstooth, floral, and polka dot, look good at red carpet events where you want to draw attention. However, keep in mind that these are not for every occasion and are not easy to wear. They are the opposite of dull suits! So, consider patterns when you are going to a ceremonial event.

Think Outside the Box

Fashion is evolving fast. Today, you do not necessarily have to wear a shirt and a tie with your suit jacket. People now wear suits with chunky knitwear, bobble hats, sneakers, and even sandals. So, next time you decide to wear a suit, try something bold and wear your jacket with something unusual, yet stylish.

Give the Double-Breasted Suit a Go

People associate double-breasted suits with estate agents, but when worn the right way, they can make all other suit styles look dull in their presence.

The best custom suits in NYC are now coming in softer and lightweight fabrics that look more casual and allow more movement. You can even pair a double-breasted jacket with matching jeans to create a look of your own. If you need advice, get in touch with us, and we can create a unique look for you.



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