Custom Suits NYC – Suit Style Tips for Your Next Suit

Custom suits in NYC are crafted according to your body measurements and design preferences. They can be either bespoke suits that are works of art, or made to measure suits that are prepared with measurements and machines.

If you are planning to get a custom suit for a special event, you may have several suit style designs in mind, but you may be unsure which design to choose for your next suit. If that is the case, worry not. We are here to help!

This article highlights top suit style tips that you need to consider, in order to get the best custom suits in NYC possible.

Choose a Versatile Color

The color of the fabric is one of the important elements that you need to select carefully. It should go well with the occasion, and it should also suit your personality. You should select a versatile color that you can wear on different occasions. Charcoal grey is one of the most versatile colors, which will allow you to wear the suit on both happy and sad occasions.

Learn About Different Lapel Styles

There are three different types of lapel, namely a peak lapel, notch lapel, and shawl lapel. A notch lapel is suitable for suits. A shawl lapel looks good with tuxedos, while a peak lapel goes well with both tuxedos and suits.

If you are getting a single-breasted suit designed, it is best to choose a notch lapel. On the contrary, if you are getting a double-breasted suit, you should opt for a peak lapel.

Choose What’s Trendy…

You can choose the width of your lapel according to the design you have in mind. These days thinner lapels are more popular, and they look trendier compared to thicker lapels that may seem a bit old fashioned.

Match the Tie Color

Ties give you a chance to show off your dress sense and favourite color. Ties are available in innumerable colours. However, black, red, grey, and blue are a few colors that look good for almost every occasion and almost all custom suits.

Check the Size of the Tie

The size of your tie should go well with the size and style of lapels. If you do not know which tie styles look good with different lapel styles, it is best to ask a professional tailor instead of making an unknowledgeable decision.

Pant Measurements

Your pants measurements are as important as the measurements of your jacket. A common issue people face when buying ready-made pants is that they are either too tight around the waist, or short in length if the waist size is correct. You will not face any such issue when getting custom pants designed according to your body measurements.

Fabric Pattern

Custom suits in NYC can be prepared in a variety of fabric colors, materials, and patterns. Patterned suits and striped fabric suits look good on semi-formal occasions. You should choose the fabric pattern according to the event type that you are looking to wear the suit for.

Looking for custom suits in NYC, then we are here to help. Email us to book your fitting today!


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