Men’s Alterations & Tailoring in NYC

Everyone’s weight fluctuates at some point or time. Sometimes you are heavier during winter, lighter during Summer. Slim before marriage, muscular after marriage, surgeries, accidents, Atkin’s diet – we have seen it all! Hence, we offer a warranty on all our clothes which comes with Free alterations:

  • All Bespoke garments, bought from Custom Men, come with 2 years’ worth of *Free alterations*.
  • All Custom garments, bought from Custom Men, come with 1 years’ worth of Free alterations.
  • All Made to measure garments, bought from Custom Men, come with 6 months’ worth of Free alterations.

*Please note: Moth holes, cigarette burns, and rips/tears away from the seams, are considered reweaving projects and hence not covered under Free alterations*.

Our goal is to help you even after your warranty period is over or even those who have ill-fitting suits/shirts which were not bought from Custom Men.

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Our vast clientele, spread throughout the world, bears testimony to the excellent quality of our Bespoke tailors.