Made to Measure Suits NYC – How We Fit You Up

Made to measure suits offer you a wide possibility of customising your suit according to your body type and design preferences. This article provides a step-by-step guide to preparing made to measure suits in NYC.

Made to Measure Suits in NYC

Made of measure is a method of suit making. Ready to wear and bespoke tailoring are other methods of suit manufacturing. A made to measure suit is designed for a specific customer based on her or his style preferences, and other needs.

A tailoring company can offer you different aesthetic options like fabric type, fabric print, stitching style, and suit design. The finished product may still have some imperfections related to fit and may require some alterations, but these can be remedied as part of the process.

Here is how made to measure suits in NYC are prepared… 

Choosing the Right Fabric

When you visit a tailor, different kinds of fabrics will be presented to you to begin with, so you can choose the fabric which matches your preferences and needs. Fabrics differ on the basis of their material and pattern. Popular fabric materials for made to measure suits are linen, cotton, wool, silk and mohair.

Taking Required Measurements

Different measurements of your body, like waist, shoulder, arm length, and neck, will be taken to ensure the suit fits you well. You can visit the tailor and let him take these measurements, or you can do it yourself at home if you are submitting these measurements online. If you have any confusion about taking the measurements, you can contact the tailor to get professional guidance.

Cutting the Fabric According to Measurements Taken

The fabric roll is passed to the cutter, who analyses your measurements and design photographs before cutting the fabric. He is the designer of your suit, and lays its main foundation. The cutter also makes sure that all pieces of the suit are cut from the same roll.

Giving Shape to the Fabric by Stitching It

These cut pieces will be given to a tailor, who will start stitching the suit according to the provided measurements. He will give your suit the shape you want. When preparing a bespoke suit, hands are used instead of machines to create the stitches.

The Final Touches

Your suit will be now given to a finisher. He will add more aesthetic details like buttons, and buckles.

Giving the Final Shape

A trouser is prepared using the same method. When both trousers and jacket are done, they are passed on to a presser. He will give your made to measure suit the final shape you will see during your first fitting. Your suit will also be checked at this stage as part of the quality control process.

If you want any alterations during your first fitting, you can share your views with the tailor and let him know how you want the fitting to be changed. The tailor will listen to your views, but he will also offer you professional guidance before making the amendments.

Once the amendments have been completed, the tailoring company will arrange your next fitting to ensure that your made to measure suit now fits you how you want it to.

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