Why Should Men Wear Custom Tailor Made Suits and Shirts?

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When it comes to making a statement, men that adorn their personality, choose Custom Men! Get dressed to impress with well-tailored, well-fitted and custom tailored men’s suits in NYC and impress everyone with your impeccable fitted suits and shirts. Your clothes speak a lot about you, so make sure you have chosen the right attire for the occasion. Whether you are picking out Custom Suit and dress shirts for an important business meeting or Bespoke Tuxedo for a formal occasion or a Made to Measure Sports Jacket for a casual event at Custom Men, our professional stylists will help you steal the show effortlessly!

The way you dress speaks volumes about your personality! Old and ill fitting clothes weigh you down whereas new suits and dress shirts that actually fit make you more productive by creating a confident, positive vibe around you! It’s no surprise why our customers wear custom suits and shirts even when their office gives them option to dress down on Fridays during Summer. Its true jeans and khakis feel comfortable, but imagine if your dress pants and suits feel as comfortable as them then why would you not wear them and look sharp at work? For those of you who are not near our NYC store, you can now & buy custom suits and shirts online from our website.

Whether you are planning to buy custom tuxedos made to measure shirts or bespoke suits, here are few tips that would help you make the right decision/s:

1) Plan ahead: If you know your event is on May 15, do not wait until the last minute to place your order. A six weeks’ window is recommended for men’s custom suits and shirts (unlike women’s bridal dresses where six months is not enough sometimes!)

2) As you sow, so shall you reap: Wear the right shoes, shirt, pants during your initial fitting. If you wear loose fitted clothing or low waist jeans while getting measured for a suit, it will confuse a tailor and may not result in a proper fit. We recommend customers to wear or bring a suit (even if it doesn’t fit) so we can see at what height he wears his pants, what kind of fit he likes or dislikes etc. In case you don’t own a suit, a normal dress shirt or pant would suffice. Remember, the more thought you put into getting the right fit, the better would be the results.

3. Looks vs Comfort: Remember a proper fit is the right balance between looks and comfort. Often, customers look at a picture in a magazine or on social media and want themselves/their suits or shirts to look and fit that way without realizing they might be a different body type or will not be standing straight all day long (a model in a picture only stands that way until the picture is clicked). Add a professional photographer’s editing and photoshop skills and you will see an image which might be too much to replicate. So you should think realistically and ask yourself whether you will feel comfortable or not if a suit or shirt is made too tight? You should have a seat and check whether the pants or shirt are already fitted enough or should you get them taken in more? A shirt, once taken in too much, can’t be let out. If you’re paying for it, you might as well use it for more than just a few images. Hence a proper shirt, jacket or trouser should fit comfortably without being too tight or too loose.

4. Verdict: If you think your suits/shirts feel comfortable but wish they were a bit more fitted or loose, don’t panic. Wear them a few times and get a feel for them. We offer free alterations upto a full year, you can always bring them back for further adjustments. But if your clothes look good, you will hear it from your friends/co-workers right away! Almost all of the business we do is via word of mouth. Our customers get stopped in starbucks or other such random places and get compliments on their suits and shirts. Sometimes, we may not see things the way someone else does so its always good to get someone else’s out of the box opinion and brighten your day!


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I started working in the Custom Tailoring industry when I was a teenager. After working for about 12 years, I started Custom Men in 2008. The real estate bubble which led to a financial collapse in 08-09 didn't help my newly born company, neither did the CoVid pandemic during 2019-2020..but my passion to serve my customers with top-notch quality at the best possible prices helped me not only survive those hardships, it made me stronger and more driven! Today, Custom Men is a brand worn proudly by over 15,000 distinguished gentlemen and I treat them as family and friends, not just clients. -Vijay Tharwani