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Our Niche

Custom Men’s business model is significantly different than other custom clothiers. Instead of investing a lot of our time and money on advertising, we invest in doing the right things. Recently, while the entire world was dealing with the horrific Corona Virus Pandemic, we were closed to the public, but we were working hard behind the scenes. We took professional pictures of all our fabrics and made this beautiful new E-Commerce website.

Our goals were to make it easy for our clients to stay connected with us as well as introduce the best safety protocols. So we moved into a bigger store (right near Grand Central Terminal) to assure ample space for social distancing. We joined hands with local fabric suppliers that will allow us to deliver garments custom-made right here in the US. Furthermore, we invested in state of at the art 3-D technology, that lets you pick fabrics, visualize how you will look in them, as well as take contactless measurements!

Our Mantra: We Guide - You decide

Our clients love us because:

  • We are service-driven.
  • We are great listeners.
  • We are detail-oriented.
  • We don’t “overdo” it on selling like a used car salesman.
  • We make notes on what’s in our customer’s closet, so we can plan a long term “ideal closet” for him.
  • We are always learning about new styles, and open to change when trends become a genuine direction.
  • We always find out what our customer prefers and ask him to wear/bring his favorite.
  • Last, but not least, we advise, we fit and we guide, but we know you are the wearer and hence, the final decision-maker.
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Our clients

Word of mouth is known as the best advertisement. We can’t thank our clients enough for being our walking advertisements. Our clients are like annuities. 95% of them are repeat buyers and are always happy to recommend us. If you have just moved to NYC, and are in the market for some new custom suits and shirts, just ask one of your well-dressed co-workers or neighbors where they get their clothes made and chances are, they will mention us.

We never cut corners, when it comes to quality and service, it’s one of the main reasons our existing customers recommend their family and friends to us. Our clients get stopped at random places like restaurants, lounges, country clubs, etc, and get questioned where they got their suits from? We started from ground zero and are proud to successfully represent over 15,000 dapper gentlemen as their one-stop shop when it comes to Bespoke, Custom, and Made to measure clothing in NYC! To read some of our customer’s reviews, click here

Our Team

We take pride in our team members, who then create stable relationships over long periods of time with our clients. Custom Men is a team of stylists, clothiers, tailors, and quality control staff who work closely with you to make sure attention is paid to each and every little detail. When we tailor your clothing, it’s all about the details (whether it’s the kind of fit you want (slim fit, athletic or traditional fit) or any specific styling details (side adjusters, fly front, soft shoulder pads, narrower lapels, etc).

Our tailors are like snipers who target the precise area of the suit or shirt that needs adjustment instead of opening all the seams and ruining the originality of the garment. Whether you are interviewing for a job, or a salesperson trying to bag a big customer or a trial attorney trying to convince the jury, or even a single person trying to date/marry the partner of your choice – we make sure the garments we make for you always make you look good and leave a solid impression of you.

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Our Speed

New York City is all about the fast pace of life. When we ask a client when he needs his suit, the answer is usually “Yesterday”. So we pride ourselves in being the fastest Custom Tailor in New York City, and probably all of the U.S.A. We can deliver a Made to Measure Suit within 3 business days! A lot of other tailors can’t even think of matching our speed as they outsource their work to Hong Kong/China or some other parts of Asia. We have created an advanced platform that gives us real-time updates of all our orders, the fabric inventory, and the step-by-step progress of the making of the garments.

Our Custom and Bespoke suits, However, are like sacred rituals which take a bit longer to complete (around 2-3 weeks for Custom and 4 to 6 weeks for Bespoke). To find out more about this 3 different craftsmanship, click here

Our Passion

No two people are built alike, even if they’re identical twins. Hence, our custom tailors build a unique pattern based on each client’s measurements and styling specifications.

These patterns are basically molds, which are stored in our database and used whenever the client reorders. They just need slight modifications, if the client’s weight fluctuates but the foundation i.e. inseam, outseam, sleeve lengths, etc. never change much.

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