Your clothes reflect your personality, and when you wear custom made clothes, then it says a lot about you. At Custom Men we celebrate the uniqueness of every individual and design custom apparels for men.

If you are among those who wish to wear well-tailored outfits, then the custom tailoring service is the right thing for you. Wearing a shirt or a suit that is precisely stitched by the expert tailor after measuring each and every detail has its own charm.

Wear your attitude with our custom made outfits and feel the difference. Whether you wish to upgrade your wardrobe for the next big event or it is a time to add some freshness in your wardrobe visit Custom Men and feel the difference. We excel in tailoring custom suits, dress shirts, tuxedo.

How does our custom tailoring solution work?

Measure: the basic step of custom tailoring is an individual measurement of a person who wishes to buy custom attire. For those who find ready-made shirts or coat too big, too small or just feel uneasy in ready-made outfits they should opt for the custom tailor solution. At Custom Men we have experts who take care of every detail and note down measurement with great care. The precision in taking the measurement of the client determines how well the outfit would be stitched. 

Select: Those who prefer custom suits or shirt over ready-made outfits wishes to have something different in terms of fabric, pattern or style. To get that perfect look one must choose a fabric with special care. Explore the fashion world and find out the latest trend, consider what suits your personality and styles also consider the occasion or event while selecting the fabric. Choosing the right fabric would help in creating the outstanding piece, after all, it is the fabric that people notice.

Design: what makes custom outfits special is its design. Tell the designer your idea about your custom tailored outfit and they will come up with the best designing ideas. If you wish to copy the style of some celebrity or wish to experiment with the design then they can design an outfit that completely suits your personality and style.

Stitching: stitching is an essential part of the custom tailoring. At Custom Men, we have a team of tailors who excel in hand stitching. Get a masterpiece exclusively designed for you at Custom Men and enjoy the fashion in its most sophisticated.

Book your appointment with our designers and find out how custom tailored outfits could add more stars to your personality.