Big and Tall? Athletic or Portly? We fit them all!


No client is too Big or too Tall for us (ever)!


If you have a big neck, like size 18+, chances of you finding an off the rack dress shirt which will actually fit you are slim to none. Most likely you will end up buying shirts which are 2 sizes too big on you just because they fit your neck. 


Similarly, when it comes to suits, most plus 46 size suits are automatically cut with only 2 to 4" drop (difference between chest and waist) as if the designer assumes if you are size 46 plus, your waist can't be smaller than 42". And its not true in many cases as we get clients all the time, who work out and/or control their eating habits and have abnormal drops like 6", 8" or sometimes even 10+".


As far as Portly suits are concerned, I think most designers have stopped making them completely as the norm is Short/Regular/Long and Extra Long these days.


In the end, you pay decent money for clothes that do not fit or have to get them tailored further and spend even more money on alterations. So why not get them Custom made at Custom Men to begin with and save yourself all the hassle and tough times?


P.S: We offer FREE ALTERATIONS to all our clients for One full year in case they lose of gain weight!

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