Men’s Alterations & Tailoring in NYC

Although we are known for Custom made and Bespoke clothing, we do offer alteration and same-day tailoring services as we have professional tailors available on site.

Everyone's weight fluctuates at some point or time. Sometimes you are heavier during winter, lighter during Summer. Slim before marriage, muscular after marriage, surgeries, accidents, Atkin's diet - we have seen it all! Hence, we offer a warranty on all our clothes which comes with Free alterations:

  • All Bespoke garments, bought from Custom Men, come with 2 years' worth of *Free alterations*.
  • All Custom garments, bought from Custom Men, come with 1 years' worth of Free alterations.
  • All Made to measure garments, bought from Custom Men, come with 6 months' worth of Free alterations.

*Please note: Moth holes, cigarette burns and rips/tears aways from the seams, are considered reweaving projects and hence not covered under Free alterations*.

Our goal to help you even after your warranty period is over or even those who have ill-fitting suits/shirts which were not bought from Custom Men.

For a price list of all alterations please see below:

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